Why Get a SharePoint Institute Certificate?

Earn a SharePoint Certificate and prove your skills in the SharePoint world.

There are more than 100 million SharePoint 2013 users worldwide, and at one point, Microsoft claimed that they were adding 20,000 new SharePoint users each day worldwide.

Many of us use SharePoint, but we all use it in different ways and for different things. There are wildly different levels of SharePoint experience from administrators and power users to passive users. But everybody who uses SharePoint has one thing in common: SharePoint helps us do our jobs. The challenge is with millions of people using SharePoint, how do you tell the experienced users from the passive users?

A SharePoint certificate from the SharePoint Institute helps you prove your knowledge and expertise. Whether you deal in technical solutions or are an everyday user of SharePoint, the SharePoint Institute is dedicated to showing the world just how valuable you are.

  • We assess your skills
  • We certify what you do
  • We show you how to get even better


SharePoint Certificates offered by the SharePoint Institute:

SharePoint Power User Certificate
Show that you know how to use SharePoint better than most. Your expertise extends past that of the average worker using SharePoint. Stand out by showing you are a SharePoint Power User.

SharePoint End User Certificate
Show that you have learned and can demonstrate the core concepts required by businesses to use SharePoint efficiently.

SharePoint Project Management Certificate
Show that you know how to harness the power of SharePoint to manage projects and help companies leverage it as an effective Project Management Information System (PMIS).

SharePoint Business Intelligence Certificate
Show that you can leverage SharePoint to provide companies with valuable business intelligence information and insights.

SharePoint Business Process Automation Certificate
Show that you can use SharePoint’s powerful automation capabilities to automate content, tracking and approvals across a business.

SharePoint Governance Certificate
Show that you can properly align the administration, deployment and management of SharePoint with an organization’s unique goals and needs.