Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for Office 365 Developers

With Microsoft’s latest push to “Cloud First Mobile First” strategy, they are making a huge investment in making Office 365 a robust platform on which developers can build amazing solutions. These solutions, (aka Office Add-Ins), have the potential to reach a vast number of Office 365 users across the globe. The Office 365 development story revolves around using the latest cutting-edge tools to develop business/productivity applications. It is now important for the developers to learn the insights of the Office 365 development.

As an identity management as a service (IDMaaS) platform, Azure Active Directory provides developers an effective way to integrate identity management into their applications. Office 365 used the Azure Active directory to manage the users. It is important for Office 365 developers to learn the insights on the Azure AD and how it works from a developer’s perspective.
In this demo-driven session, we will cover the basics of the Azure Active directory and Azure AD Graph APIs. We will also cover the various Azure AD scenarios for developers in Office 365.
You will learn:
*Azure Active Directory Overview
*Azure Active Directory Graph APIs
* Connect Azure Active Directory Graph APIs in Office 365 APIs and Microsoft Graph
* Azure AD integration for managing identity and access
* How to register your application with Azure AD?
* How to use the Office Developer PnP Core Library to easily authenticate against the Azure AD?

Date: October 25, 2017 Time: 8:00 am - 9:00 am Prashant Prashant G Bhoyar