SharePoint Governance Certificate

SharePoint Governance Certificate recognizes the ability of an individual to succeed in aligning his or her organization’s unique needs and goals with a good SharePoint governance plan. SharePoint Governance is an essential part of any successful SharePoint deployment. It encompasses the set of policies, roles, responsibilities and processes that control how an organization’s business divisions and IT teams work together.

One can attain the SharePoint Governance Certificate by meeting the following requirements:

  • Take a SharePoint Institute approved course in Governance
  • Pass the SharePoint Governance Assessment with a score of at least 80%

Approved courses are provided by any of SharePoint Institute’s education partners and many include an exam pass guarantee to receive the certificate.

While completion of an approved course is not required to receive the SharePoint Governance Certificate, attendance in a relevant SharePoint Governance course is highly recommended for those looking to gain a complete, implementable understanding of SharePoint capabilities.

About the Assessment

The assessment is composed of multiple choice questions designed to test the SharePoint Governance knowledge. Specific content focuses on the following topics, but is not limited to:

  • Streamlining the deployment of products and technologies
  • Best practices for training and adoption of SharePoint
  • Keeping your organization’s system secure and compliant
  • Helping ensure the best return on investment for SharePoint
  • Improving information management through the key components of SharePoint, such as lists, libraries and permissions
  • Engaging users with a Group Community
  • Learning the social features of SharePoint and how they affect governance
  • Onboarding teams with SharePoint
  • Showing the value of the Enterprise Collaboration features

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