Advancing the Real-World Application of SharePoint

The SharePoint Institute is an organization dedicated to the advancement of professionals through real-world SharePoint certification.

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It is the goal of the SharePoint Institute (SPI) to provide a standard for SharePoint professionals to gauge their knowledge and distinguish their SharePoint expertise from others. While standard certificates exist for the technical side of SharePoint, such as deployment and administration, real-world application of SharePoint certification is neglected.

Credentials awarded by the SharePoint Institute utilize knowledge and skill assessments to distinguish individuals as proficient users of SharePoint in several different areas. The certificates you can earn include:

SharePoint is a valuable tool that provides return on investment with true business benefits for the enterprise as well as small- and medium-sized businesses. With more than 100 million SharePoint users worldwide, the demand for SharePoint professionals continues to grow, but standing out from the crowd becomes harder and harder. Gaining SharePoint certification from the SharePoint Institute can help validate a range of SharePoint education and experience levels and help you move ahead in your career.

SharePoint Institute is an affiliated entity of ASPE. The creation of SPI came from the need ASPE students had for a measurable qualification of their professional knowledge. It is the goal for SharePoint Institute to function as its own entity. Other SharePoint training companies are welcome to submit their courses for approval for their students to take any of the offered SPI Certificate Assessments.